All doctors are well trained and have good experiences for working TCM. We are loyal TCM lover and we use only natural herbs, Tuina massage and acupuncture in out treatments. Our treatments are unique and with remarkable results. Many  patients was announced death with Western Medicine was recovered or had higher quality life after our treatments.  Why don’t you try? We are leading TCM treatment in the world.

We will use tongue and pulse diagnosis for finding your unbalance in your body. After that,  normally you will get herbal medicine every day. If it is necessary, we will use acupuncture, Tuina massge, Foot massage too. We use diet –nutrition besides, so do not feel surprise if you should take vegetarians food. We do also meditation or other exercises.

The price depends on how long you will stay in Beijing. Please feel free to ask us a quotation.

We will fetch you at Beijing International airport.  


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