Questions and Answers

Here is the answers regarding visa and so on. It will help you to understand our taning better. You are welcome to contact us if you can not find an answer of your questions.

  • Do I need a visa? 

Yes, you need a visa to visit China. 

  • What kind of visa should I apply?

We corrantly only assist tourist / sightseeing visa, NOT STUDY VISA because it is very complicated for us in China.

  • How long can I get turist visa?

Depnding on where you live. Normally 1-3 months. Please consult the Chinese Embassay in your home country. 

  • Can I prolong my visa?

Yes, you can prolong it up to 3 months. That means if you have gotten a visa for one month before you travel, you can prolong 2 mnoth longer. It is best to apply as long as possible before you travel to avoid unlucky.

  • How long dose your training? Can I prolong to study further with you. 

Because many participats can not stay long in China because of work and family, that is why we run intensive 10-20 days (4 weeks) training for beginner course. 1You are welcome to study longer with us to improve your skill or to take other courses.

  • How much does it cost for study with you? Dose the price incl. room and airport transfer?

see indivuidual courses

  • Where do your centers locate? How long dose it take by car from Beijing International Airport?

Our main center locates just outside of Beijing CBD comercial center. It takes 30 min by car from Beijing International Airport. As we have many centers regarding different training, there is posibility to be trained in other place.

We have another one in Shenzhen where near to Hongkong 

  • Do I get a certificate after the training?

Yes, all will get a certificate from our center to show the subject and teaching hours that you have studied with us. 

  • What kinds of languages do you use for traing?

Most of our skillful doctors speak only Chinese, sorry. We have traslator to translate the teaching into English. There is possibility to offer a translation into Spanish, Danish, French, Germany, Russia, Japanese and so on with extra charge.



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