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Welcome to GreenTCM (China Campus in the clinic or hospital)

 Tuina massage School in China or Tuina massge Training in China / TCM school in China

Chinese Tuina Massage Therapy is an ancient healing technique which helps the body in relieving all these stress related problems. In our TCM training center, you will experience this ancient art and see how the Chinese doctor work with Tuina.


Chinese Tuina massage is a system of stroking, pressing, and kneading different areas of the body to relieve any illness .Chinese massage creates a pleasant sensation on the skin; it also works on the soft tissues, ligaments, and tendons to improve muscle tone. By this way Chinese Tui Na Massage can be used for treating or preventing problem.


Chinese Infant Tuina massage becoming most popular in the world at this moment. Caring touch is good for every for child. There are major benefits of infant massaging, including increased awareness of the baby and their needs and also promotes the boding process between therapist and the baby. Chinese massage greatly helps in reducing colic in children.


Face-lifting and weight lost Tuina massage are famous too. It make this ancient art to work effectively in a modern way.


Tuina Massage mainly stimulates meridians and acupuncture points for improving blood circulation. It can also influence deeper organs by touching meridians. Chinese Tui Na massage helps in relieving tension, anxiety, depression, stress, stiffness, and pain . It improves breathing and circulation. There is an improved elimination of waste throughout the body.


Tuina study is medicine study in China. We use Tuina as a natural medicine. Chinese Tuina massage treat many kinds of diseases like stroke , allergies, asthma, arthritis, bronchitis, digestive disorders, headache, insomnia, fatigue, sports injuries, sinusitis and so on.


Deep tissue Tui Na massage helps in breaking up the tightness in the muscle tissue and retreating the muscles. Soft massage is very relaxing and most of you fall asleep during the treatment.



You can work with TCM independently and treat all kinds of diseases using GreenTCM methods and get very good results 



We will use master - learning, hand -on training method to achieve the guaranteed best teaching effects



If you have good knowledge of Tuina, you may come to China for Tui Na study 2 weeks (10 days). You will follow us in the hospital or in the clinic.

Please pay a attention we only train you at th clinic, not in the classroom. This is our focus comparing other training in China. We do hand-on training. We will garrantee that you can work with our techniques independently after our training.


Time and price for training

  • 3000 USD for 20 days
  • Prolonging training costs 500 USD per week
  • Please ask the date for the next class
  • The centers locats in Beijing suburb area, 30 min by car from Beijing International airport

Price incl.: 

  • English translation
  • Police office registration help
  • Daily life assitance
  • Airport transfer from Beijing International airport to the apartment or hotel wth extra 50 USD for both way. a room at an apartment costs 30 USD per day
  •  5 hours per day practices in the hospital or in the clinic 


You will get a certificate after our training  


You will practice Tuina 5 hours a day

You can work with our techniques independently after our training

     Price incl.: 

  • English translation
  • Police office registration help
  • Daily life assitance
  • 5 hours per day practices in hospital or the clinic 

Please see a video of comments from our trainees HERE     

some comments from our trainees 

'' Fantastic acupuncture course !  The method I learn here is very special comparing my acupuncture education in Denmark. It works faster, even after one minute. Thanks a lot for your great teaching. ''

PIA from Denmark

'' I feel very confident after your learning by doing training. I am sure the skill I learnt from you will benefit a lot to my clinic work.''  

Ghadir from Denmark

'' Teachers are great in techniques and very hospitality. They help me a lot with assistance of my daily life in China. They are doing business by heart. I will definately suggest their training to you if you want to be skillful, confident and independendt TCM practioner just after the beginner's training.''

Laila from Norway

'' The training is very differnet from other TCM schools. They use more master-learning and hand-on methods. I am ready to use acupuncture just after the beginner's training from GreenTCM. Many of my friends feel still they can not do acupuncture from the training they got from other place.' I feel I am  lucky'

Silvia from Bulgarian

''I took foot reflexology training during August 2013. It was a great learn experience in TCM, the trainer and the translator was very competence and knowledgeable in the area. The training has deepening my knowledge and improve my skills in reflexology a lot. Thanks Green TCM for this wonderful course. Hope can participate again to the next hand and face reflexology course.'' 

Helena (Indonesia)

Concerning we have only limited numbers for every group and visa application time, please reserve a place  as soon as possible and feel free to Contact us here







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