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Welcome to our online TCM course, selv-study / Acupuncture Online Course / Tuina Online Course /Chinese Hearbal Medicine Online

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a kind of life phylosophy. If you need to have a diffenet thinking of way or will have self-treatment or will work as TCM therapist, our onlien TCM class is a gateway.

  • You will get introduction lectures with us online via skype
  • You mainly study self flexiblly 
  • You have possibility to come to China or Denmark for further study with us.

How can we do online TCM course?

  • You register as a student here
  • You will get the online materail after the payment
  • You get  online meetings with us via skype (like face to face)
  • You will start to study step by step

Module A of basic TCM theory online course for acupuncture and Tuina students 

  • Introduction to TCM
  • Basic principles of TCM
  • Morphology and function of TCM
  • Etiology and pathology of TCM

Module B for examination diagnosis methods in TCM 

  • Inspection
  • Ausculation and Olfaction 
  • Inquiring
  • Palpation

Module C for online TCM course of syndrome differeniations and principles in treatment 

  • Syndrom differentiation in Ba-gang or Zang-fu organs

Module D for online TCM course of meridians and acupuncture points 

  • Meridians and acupoints

Price and period for TCM theory online / online acupuncture class / online Tuina class

  1. 1000 USD for 4 models incl. materials  and 9 lessons online teaching via skype ( 6 times x 1,5 hours, like face to face )
  2. We suggest that you finish all 4 modules at 1-3 months and then you come to us for practical training. The training can be chosen in China with extra payment. You will follow the doctors work in the hospitals.

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