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Acupuncture School in China or Acupuncture Training in China / TCM school in China

Acupuncture Beginner's education or Acupuncture course is for someone has TCM theory and need to improved your TCM skills. If you do not have TCM thoey study, you may take our online TCM course


  • You can treat all kinds of diseases using easy - learning GreenTCM concept 
  • Lifting up your TCM skills for your practice and achieve the remarkable effects



   We will use mastery and hand-on learning method to achieve the guaranteed best teaching effects.              

   Please see a video of comments from our trainees HERE



  • TCM pathology 
  • How to treat problems with acupuncture
  • Cupping, Moxibustion or other methods as a supplement
  • The course will cover many individual diseases by follwing doctors work in the hospital
  • Study will combine lessons and practice in order to optimize the training effects by mastery-learning 

   Time and requirement:

  • You have already knowledge in TCM theory or have finished our online TCM theory
  • 2-4 weeks full-time acupuncture training for medical doctors or TCM parishioners
  • at least 4 weeks for TCM beginner  
  • We run this class 2 times a year, next class will be on 4 th september 2018.

Price and tuition incl.:

  • 2500 USD for 2 weeks and 4000 USD for 4 weeks, intensive training
  • Tourist visa application assistant 
  • Arrange transfering from Airport  to the apartment or hotel and return (with extra fee 50 USD for both ways) 
  • Arranging a accommodation in a apartment, single room. In the apartment there are shared kitchen, bath, WIFI and washing machine. Room at an apartment costs 30 USD per night. 
  • Hotel's price according to differnet levels
  • Fulltime acupuncture study in our hospital, 5,5 hours per day
  • There are possibility to prolong the training with other courses, please read the information regarding our courses
  • Translator in English
  • Digital certificate 
  • Sightsee can be arranged with our free assistant (self payment)
  • Family members are welcome with extra cost


Please see a video of comments from our trainees HERE

''' Fantastic acupuncture course !  The method I learn here is very special comparing my acupuncture education in Denmark. It works faster, even after one minute. Thanks a lot for your great teaching. '' PIA from Denmark

'' I feel very confident after your learning by doing training. I am sure the skill I learnt from you will benefit a lot to my clinic work.''  

Anya from Denmark

'' Teachers are great in techniques and very hospitality. They help me a lot with assistance of my daily life in China. They are doing business by heart. I will definately suggest their training to you if you want to be skillful, confident and independendt TCM practioner just after the beginner's training.''

Ghadir from Denmark

'' The training is very differnet from other TCM schools. They use more master-learning and hand-on methods. I am ready to use acupuncture just after the beginner's training from GreenTCM. Many of my friends feel still they can not do acupuncture from the training they got from other place.' I feel I am  lucky'

Justina from Lithunaia 

''I took foot reflexology training during August 2013. It was a great learn experience in TCM, the trainer and the translator was very competence and knowledgeable in the area. The training has deepening my knowledge and improve my skills in reflexology a lot. Thanks Green TCM for this wonderful course. Hope can participate again to the next hand and face reflexology course.'' 

Helena (Indonesia)

Concerning visa application time, please reserve a place  as soon as possible and feel free to Contact us here


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